Taking Kiwi CosPlayers To The World

CNZ Wild Adventures is the not-for-profit initiative by Rozanne & Paul de Wild of deWildCosplay  for the cosplay and creative communities of New Zealand...

Always a fun time with the groups winning spot prizes for various activities during the weekend.

This is their 'reporter on the spot' videos for Supanova Melbourne 2019.


CNZ Wild Adventures accidentally started with a simple idea in 2017 by Rozanne de Wild to help organise a trip just for some of "her kids" in their local cosplay community to Supanova Sydney in 2018.  She opened up the invite to the rest of the New Zealand cosplay community and ended up taking a massive 70 cosplayers, cosplay photographers and exhibitors.

Rozanne de Wild (deWildCosplay) organises these trips for the Cosplay New Zealand community as a not-for-profit venture to give kiwi cosplayers the opportunity to travel to overseas conventions.

An expected trip cost is worked out and a budgeted amount for what is required to be saved is paid per week into the nominated trip account.  Any savings in excess of the final trip costs are paid back / returned to the cosplayer for their spending money on the trip.

At the conclusion of the Sydney 2018 trip Rozanne didn't intend to do further trips but the community kept asking when the next one/ones would be, so here we are, having now taken 32 to Supanova (Melbourne) in April 2019 and 55 to Oz Comic Con (Brisbane) 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 situation CNZ Wild Adventure was forced to cancel both our Supanova (Sydney) June 2020 trip and the Dragon Con (Atlanta) / USA September 2020 group trip.

CNZ Wild Adventures are now working towards our next trip being to Supanova (Gold Coast) in April 2022, with over 45 cosplayers already signed up and saving towards it.

Events & trips are organised by Rozanne and Paul in their evenings and weekends, outside their full time employment.

Rozanne & Paul de Wild have been known as 'mum & dad' by many in the local and New Zealand cosplay community and been actively involved in both the local cosplay community in the Bay of Plenty and with national events / conventions since 2013.