Iconic Movie Night

Thursday 11 July 2024

7pm onwards

The big chill out - before the weekend madness begins

The super-duper laid-back, chill out night, before the madness of the weekend descends.

A chance to just hang out with other event attendees, watch some iconic movies, quote the lines, sing along, dance or generally just have some mad-cap fun.

Costume isn't mandatory for this event - just be comfortable. However if you wish to don a costume from one of these iconic movies or snuggle down in your ultra comfie onesies then we totally welcome this.

We'll be putting seating through the back half of the room and for those who want to spread out, bring your hotel pillows and a blanket and make yourself nests on the floor at the front.

Come for Labyrinth and then head off to bed after supper, or stay for a Grease singalong.

Popcorn & Hot Chocolate included - available at the bar

Cash bar also available.


... because hey, that's what the Masquerade Ball weekend is all about)

Supper - 9pm



The Costumiers' Fantasy Masquerade Ball is being organised by Rozanne & Paul de Wild of CNZ Wild Adventures / deWildCosplay and made possible by our kind sponsors and supporters: